Steps To Start A Business in Thailand

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Thailand is one of the best destination to start the business, as Thailand is still plentiful of resources, there are always newcomers either the investor, expat, pensioner or tourist. Thai government therefore always offer the privilege for foreigners to start business in Thailand in various forms.

This content, we, W Law International (Thailand), pleased to provide relevant information for your consideration of your new business plan:

Step 1: Can foreigner own 100% in a company in Thailand.

This is the first issue to check, as if type of your business is restricted under the Foreign Business Act then foreigner cannot do such business in Thailand under foreigner’s name, you have a solution to set up your business with the structure of 49/51%

Some type of business even it is restricted for foreigner, however, such foreigner can apply for Foreign Business License (“FBL”)


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Step 2: If your type of business is restricted but you are US Citizen, you can apply for Thai – US Amity Treaty

Thai – US Amity Treaty allows a US Citizen to conduct a business in Thailand with the exemption of Foreign Business Act, which means a company which minimum 50% share owned by US and up to 100% can apply for this license.


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Step 3: Company Incorporation or Company Establishment or Company Registration according to Thai Laws

To Establish a Company Limited in Thailand helping the owner to have separated juristic person to have a right and obligation as stipulated by Laws especially the responsibility of each shareholder is limited to the unpaid share value hold by each shareholder.

Minimum 2 shareholders are required for company incorporation, with minimum registered capital of THB 10, however, popular number of registered capital is THB 1,000,000 for usual Thai company and THB 2,000,000 for foreign involved company as it effects the staying permit issue. Notwithstanding, number of registered capital should be stipulated in accordance with actual investment.

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Step 4: Check the special advantage of BOI (Board of Investment of Thailand) as your company may be qualified.

Some type of business is promoting by Board of Investment “BOI” as a result such company may get special benefits from Thai government such as Tax Exemption, Tax Rate Reduction, Own the land, foreign employee ratio with special condition.


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Step 5: Staying Permit for foreign director and foreign staff

If the company needs to employ foreign employee including foreign owner of the company, the company must be qualified according to the following requirements:

  1. Registered Capital of THB 2,000,000 per one foreigner
  2. Four Thai employees per one foreigner

Your company must also submit withholding tax form and social security properly every month before allowing to employ foreign employee.

Furthermore, Non Immigrant “B” should be applied from Thai embassy at other country by preparation of supporting document of your company in Thailand, conversion from tourist to Non Immigrant “B” can be arranged case by case.


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Step 6: Licensing for your company

To conduct any business in Thailand, usually it is required to have specific license(s) for such business such as restaurant license, alcohol selling license, cannabis growing and selling license, factory license, hotel license, FDA for food, cosmetic & medicine, massage and spa license, etc.

Therefore, to make sure you have followed relevant Laws and Regulations, you must check which license(s) is required for your business.


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