Options for Retirement Thailand

Thailand is one of the best country to retire as cost of living is very low, high standard medical service, easy life as food, supermarket, convenient store always available, service minded Thai people everywhere, beautiful nature of the sea and mountain, etc.

To stay long term retiring in Thailand, there are 2 main options as follows:

OPTION 1. One Year Non “O” Retirement

This 1 year retirement having main criteria i.e.

A. The applicant must be 50 years old or above

B. Deposit THB 800,000 in Thai bank (Please note that it must be remaining in account most of the time if you will renew the next year) or

C. Having pension minimum THB 65,000 per month, suppose to be pension from government or pension from official source.

If you first enter Thailand with Free Visa (Por.30) or Tourist Visa (TR), we can arrange conversion to Non “O” retirement without leaving Thailand.

Furthermore, for purpose of retirement visa application, we can help you to open bank account in Thailand even if you hold tourist visa or free visa.

Our professional fee is THB 34,900 (+7%vat) which inclusive of (i) opening bank account (ii) Non “O” 90 days visa (iii) 1 Year Retirement Visa (iv) 90 days report max 3 times per year (v) Fast-track at Suvannabhumi Airport; and government fee is THB 5,700 (Visa Fee THB 1,900 and Multiple Re-Entry (THB 3,800)

Remark In order to apply for Non “O” retirement, you must have visa remaining days minimum 15 working days.

OPTION 2. 10 Years Long Term Resident (LTR) – Wealthy Pensioner

10 Years LTR – Wealthy Pensioner having main criteria i.e.

A. The applicant must be 50 years old or above

B. Having passive income for 1 past year at minimum USD 80,000 (passive income such as interest, rental, dividend, pension, etc.)

The process of application take around 45 working days, the applicant can choose to obtain the stamp either in Thailand or Thai embassy at other country.

LTR can be applied even the applicant is overseas.

Our professional fee is THB 35,000 (+7%vat)

Government fee is THB 50,000


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